Welcome to our official website for M CON 2012.

It has been quite a while since M CON 2008. For those who took part, I hope you have benefited in one way or another from the event.

M CON 2008 was the first local scale modeling event to be held in an art gallery. The reason for this is simple: scale modeling is an art. Accordingly, it should be held in an art gallery.

Through the event, we wanted to achieve a few simple objectives:

  1. To promote scale modeling as a form of fine art and craftsmanship.
  2. To recognize participants who have put in tremendous effort in creating their masterpieces.
  3. To encourage more people to take up this great hobby and skill.

Besides the unique venue chosen, we also introduced a new judging system, “Open Judging System”. I am happy that this judging format was well received by the participants during the event, allowing them to learn and grow. To increase the interactivity of the event, the judges were on the ground, mingling with the modelers and answering queries pertaining to judging decisions as well as offering tips for improvement. This system was based on my experience after attending two major modeling shows in UK and Spain.

Before the show, it was not unusual to hear responses from fellow modelers such as “I am not good enough to take part”. These responses are rather saddening to hear as they reflect an unhealthy view towards competition and comparative feedback. I hope M CON 2008 has encouraged more individuals to open up their skills for scrutiny, even if it means having one’s mistakes and weaknesses pointed out. If such criticisms are constructively given and positively accepted, I have no doubt that it will spark a quantum leap in the standards and creativity of our local scale modeling scene.

M CON 2012
promises to be filled to the brim with content. As with the last event, the national Tamiya Modeling Competition will be incorporated into M CON 2012. Numerous sponsors, both overseas and local, have been lined up for this event, with Stargek Ptd Ltd as the main prize and event sponsor for this event. Attractive prizes and awards await participants of M CON 2012.

In M CON 2012, our objective remains the same. Besides the actual competition, we will be conducting special subject workshops by master model artists for them to share their experiences in scale modeling. We will also be exhibiting works by local and overseas master modelers during the event.

So, please don’t be shy and start your engine. The modeling process is like running a marathon. The process might not be easy, but the completion of any project is like crossing the finishing line which will definitely be sweet and worthwhile. As our slogan states, Our Event, Your Platform. Take this event as a good opportunity to complete that project.




Bernard Cher
Founder, M Workshop

Here are some videos on the last M CON held in 2008...


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