Name Lim Kian Seng aka Zeke
Occupation Lecturer

My journey began in 1973 when I was in primary 3, my dad bought me 1/72 scale type 61 Japanese tank and later the 1/72 Hasegawa- Mig 21. My first ship was the 1/1200 Otaki- Musashi. I enjoyed collecting Airfix, Tamiya, Revell and Monogram catalogues; I was hooked on model making. I drew a lot of military stuff and even created instruction manuals. I built a number of aircrafts, tanks, and ships and played with Airfix soldiers. In 1977, I cannibalized my models to create my own spaceships all thanks to Star Wars.

After NS stint in the Navy, I started building warships. Beginning with 1/400 Otaki- USS Enterprise, it was the most expensive kit that I purchased at that time.  I figured that I can take my time to build ship compare to other subjects.

In 2000, I had the opportunity to work with Calvin Tan who mentored me on finer points of model making. This was a breakthrough for me as my skills improved after that. In 2002, I won a prize in a model competition for my ship entry. I received sponsorship from White Ensign Model for 2 years which I am grateful to John and Caroline Synder.  In Singapore Tamiya Modelling Competition 2006, I won First and Best of Show for my ship entry which I dedicated to my mother who passed away.

I build ships mainly for their aesthetics reasons and not so much historical, but then again all ship subjects have their own history be it victorious or tragic.

I appreciate Bernard’s friendship throughout these years.  I contributed to display my ship when he first opened his shop. He has given me good advice throughout these years in my ship building journey and I wish all the best for M Workshop.  I also thank God and my family for their support and understanding throughout my model making journey.  I hope that I can continue to build model ships as long as possible.

Artist’s Achievement
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M STUDIO Artist since 2013

(Updated on SEP 2013)