Name Julian Yap aka Wrecker
Occupation Freelance Designer

A WWII aircraft model started my interest in modelling at age 10. As a kid, I attended art school as a hobby, these days I dabble into traditonal and digital art as a freelance 3d artist though modelling has gradually taken over. The primary reason why I built models does not necessarily pertain to historical interest. I build scale models is because I feel modelling offers many possibilities to exercise creativity.

Modelling is more than just about models themselves. It is a powerful medium where I am able to depict stories, atmosphere of a scene, capturing the mood of a time, or just plainly for the love of a particular subject. I am always diorama modeller; having the knack for storytelling, composing layouts, observant to groundwork/ environment details, that make a scene works. Coupled with the mentioned elements and other aspects will determine a diorama's success.

Artist’s Achievement
MiniCon 1997, Diorama, Silver
M STUDIO Artist since 2009
M ACADEMY Instructor since 2010
M STUDIO Master Model Artist

(Updated on MAR 2014)