Name Dylan Neo aka Neofaux
Occupation Teacher

I have a few interests. Reading, films, soccer, and scale modeling. But scale modeling takes up the bulk of my time. And I am all the happy for it. I started out innocuously enough, building a couple of cars, a few robots. As it got on, I bought more robots, more tools, more more more.

And then I found M Workshop, and Bernard. I sold almost all my robots, and bought a lot more tanks instead. Scale modeling took on an entirely different perspective. It was no longer about building the biggest, most impressive robot with the biggest, most intricate weapon. It was no longer just building for an end product. Slap on the paint and wham bang done!

Scale modeling, as M Workshop and Bernard shows me, is different. It is about painting. It is about rendition. It is about quality. It is about beauty. It is a story of the process.

It is art.

And that is why time spent modeling is time enjoyed. I found exuberance and passion. Oh, I also found friends. Thank you, Bernard.

Artist’s Achievement
MCon 2008 Tamiya 1/35 Armor - Merit award
MCON 2008 BRONZE Award
M STUDIO Artist since 2009

(Updated on NOV 2017)