Name Michael Lee aka Myker
Occupation Freelance Designer/ Artist
Painting figures is non-linear, and free-flowing, the ability to start and stop without the need to find a long block of free time suits me greatly. The wide variety of scale and subjects ranging from historical, military and fantasy is very attractive as well.

I first chanced upon this sub-genre of modeling during the first M CON in 2008, when i had the opportunity to watch figure maestro and legend Mr. Calvin Tan demo on painting a face with acrylic paints.

After achieving a nice result with Calvin's technique, i was very much encouraged to learn more about figure painting. When i see a nice painting I will try to replicate it on my own, with this way of learning and much advices from Calvin, i was able to grow exponentially in painting figures.

Another person i had to mention is Mr. Bernard Cher (Founder of M WORKSHOP & M CON). Bernard has encouraged, pushed, adviced, challenged me, and created much learning opportunity for me. And by giving me the opportunity to teach figure painting in M Workshop, he has believed in me when I didn't had the confident in my ability. 

By teaching I had learn even more, I seek out traditional art to understand art theories and concept. I had to refine my own techniques and come up with new ones to pass on to students. And the more that i thought i knew, the more i realise i still have much to learn.

Artist’s Achievement
M STUDIO Artist since 2011

M STUDIO Master Model Artist
M ACADEMY Master Instructor

(Updated on JUL 2014)