Name Loy Jiong Meng aka JMLOY
Occupation Service Engineer

Always have a soft spot for anything miniature, from aircraft, tanks, gundam, macross to Manga figures, fantasy artistic figures & the likes. The most I personally get out of this hobby is the enjoyment of the whole process...from conception, to construction, to airbrushing, to weathering & the now in thing....COLOUR MODULATION.. each part has a different ecstasy to it..You have to DO it to know what I mean.. The subject I choose depends greatly on my mood at the moment. Now I disipline myself to finishing one project before starting on another, if not my room will be full of half built stuff laying all over the place. Finally, all these would not had been possible if not for our little gang of brothers & sisters whom we share not only our passion but our views & ever new & improving techniques & ideas (sometimes crap too) at The Mworkshop.

Artist’s Achievement
Singapore Tamiya Modelling Competition 2006 1/35 AFV - Winner
Singapore Tamiya Modelling Competition 2007 Ship catogory - Winner
MCon 2008 Tamiya Ship - Merit award
MCon 2008 Tamiya 1/35 Aircraft - Merit award
MCON 2008 BRONZE Award
M STUDIO Artist since 2007

(Updated on 1st April 2012)