Name Lee Siew Keong aka Grey Ghost
Occupation Civil Servant
I started modelling 1/700 scale Japanese Naval vessel at a very young age and had since grown to love 1/350 scale US Naval Battleships because of its camouflage scheme ).

My models were mostly build out of the box (OOB) as I do not fancy sophiscated photoetched and after market products.
The beauties of my models were shown in the neatness and interesting camouflage patterns applied to them.
I had been building aircrafts for the past two years because of the faster output as compare to naval vessels and that aircraft painting creates challenges on my airbrush control.
Being neat in your work during construction and good set of painting skills are the fundamentals to good modelling in any field and subjects.

Artist’s Achievement
Singapore Tamiya Modelling Competition 2006 "other" Category Winner
Singapore Tamiya Modelling Competition 2007 Aircraft Category Winner
Airfix Cup 2008 Master Class Bronze
M STUDIO Artist since 2009
M STUDIO Model Artist

(Updated on 12th Jan 2012)

Focke-Wulf Ta 152C-0

Focke-Wulf Fw190 D-9 JV44

A-4N Skyhawk `Israel Air Force`