Name Dinesh Ned aka Built Panzer
Occupation Self-employed

I got started mainly due to the influence of my older brother. He loved building cars, and had a respectable collection. I loved cars too but history was a pet subject of mine, especially of the 20th century, and WW2in particular, especially on the Eastern European Front between Germany and the Soviet Union.

In my teens, that interest was merged with armor modeling by a book simply titled "How To Build Armor Models" by Shepherd Paine and further fueled by the works of probably the most two influential armor modelers of the 80s, Francois Verlinden and Tony Greenland. Till this day, I still read their books for inspiration.

Having had the privilege of knowing and sharing info with several outstanding modelers and historians of that era from around the world has also helped me see modeling as not just an artistic outlet, but as a means of expressing -in 3D- the feelings, fears and fortunes of that generation of young men and women, born in the 1920's who were forced to embrace adulthood in a world that had lost its mind.

Artist’s Achievement
Articles featured in Osprey, Xtreme Publication
IMPS (Singapore) 2001 People's Choice Award
IMPS (Greece) 2007 competition 1st prize in AFV Category
M STUDIO Artist since 2003
M STUDIO Master Model Artist

(Updated on JAN 2014)