(Updated Oct 2014)

---Course Outline--- Preparation of Resin Figure for Painting Understanding of Value, Light and Shadows Mixing Colours Layering, Blending and Glazing with Acrylic Face Painting Uniform Painting Detail Painting -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---Course Details--- Fee S$299 (pre-requisite: ASM or interview required) Venue M WORKSHOP (Singapore) Duration 4 sessions, 2hrs per session Course to be completed within 6weeks

All workshops have to be sign up @ our M WORKSHOP (Singapore) counter
Course Notes will be provided during the Training**
**Privileges and Conditions may be amended or withdrawn without prior notice at the sole discretion to the Company.


"I am impressed by the personalized figure painting course conducted by M Workshop's Myker.
Prior to the course I have little confidence in figure painting.
Through the 1-1 and step-by-step lessons, other than learning the construction, basing and painting techniques,
I have gain more confidence.

I fully enjoyed the 6-8 weeks journey with Myker in painting the nuts planet's Roman Aquilifer.
Myker being a great and patience teacher has guided me through hands-on illustrations of different techniques.
His paint correction methods have gave me confidence to dare to attempt to paint, make mistakes and improve my painting skills.

It is strongly recommended for anyone who has interest in figure painting to take the first step by taking to
M Workshop to find out more about Myker's excellent figure painting course.

With the completion of my Roman Aqualifier,
I am motivated to start more projects like ' khalgrim gunnarson' and a vignette with 2 WWII US tanker figures.

Thanks again to M Workshop and Myker's great guidence"

by Winston Heng


When I learnt that M Workshop was conducting the Figure Painting
Masterclass, I signed up immediately without hesitation. I knew this would
be a golden opportunity to address the myriad of questions I had
accumulated over the years. It was also a great opportunity to correct bad
painting habits and experience painting under the patient tutelage of a
master painter.

Myker conducted the Masterclass in the form of experience sharing. As I
came with questions, Myker readily took on my queries and it is through
these discussions and by observing him paint, allowed me to appreciate the
finer points in figure painting and correct my shortcomings. At the start
of each session, Myker reviewed our progress and offered valuable advice on
how to overcome different challenges. Personally I feel this is the best
forming of learning where one can make all the mistakes and yet have a
master on hand to guide you.

While I have since completed the course, i have not stopped painting. I
have since completed 3 busts and am embarking on the 4th. Each time going
back to Bernard and Myker with a completed bust to seek advice and pointers.

M Workshop has indeed provided a great platform to further the art of
figure painting and to this end I would strongly encourage giving it a go.

Here's a picture of the 3 completed busts. Without Bernard and Myker, it
would not been possible. Thank You !

by Benjamin Wong

Figure Painting Masterclass has been the course I had been waiting for since my last 2 courses with Julian and Bernard.
Finally, I managed to be one of the pioneer batch to be taught by Myker.

Myker is very devoted in sharing his knowledge with us and I really learnt so much during the lessons.
He is very patient and motivating to encourage us. But, this does not mean he is not demanding on the standard.

This is my first painted bust but definitely not the last.
I've now found painting, after a long day of work everyday, theraptic to let my mind rest.
Well, of course, this is not necessary applicable to all.

Nevertheless, this course is another challenging course by M Workshop but definitely enjoyable and fruitful.

Thanks to Bernard for organising this course and thanks to Myker for his dedicated teaching :).

This is a humble picture of my course work taken with my handphone

by Vincent Pang Cheong Tong