Displaying a tank in a scene is always the most exciting evolution in the process of model making.

It is able to tell a richer story or suggest an atmosphere that is not easy to achieve with just a single model.

This comprehensive workshop will focus on the conceptualization, composition, painting and detailing of a tank vignette.

---Course outline---

Ideas forming and sketches
The Principles of composition
Techniques for creating various terrians: Mud, Dirt, Grass and Desert
Usage and building of background elements
Painting of groundwork
Harmonizing of all elements
Designing a label

---Course Details---

Course Fee S$399.00 (pre-requisite: ASM or interview required)
***TAKE NOTE!!! Participant must have a built and painted tank or vehicle ready for the course***
Venue M WORKSHOP (Singapore)
6 sessions, 2hrs per session(Fix timing)
Workshop will only commence if there are 2 participants

All workshops have to be sign up @ our M WORKSHOP (Singapore) counter
Course Notes will be provided during the Course**

**Privileges and Conditions may be amended or withdrawn without prior notice at the sole discretion to the Company.


After Course Consultation
Upon completion of courses at M ACADEMY,
participants are encouraged to come back regularly to seek

improvement and advice from our in-house instructors and artists.
In M ACADEMY, we believe learning never stops. We will gladly help any modeler who seeks excellence in this field.
has helped many serious modelers achieve such results for the past few years and continues to do so.